2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Runway Insider is a second screen companion experience that allowed broadcast viewers of the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to engage with exclusive, supplemental Fashion Show content from their desktop or mobile device during the televised airing on CBS.

The experience engages viewers with exclusive runway and behind the scenes video, photography, model quotes, costume fun facts, shareable animated gifs and shoppable product from each runway theme. 

I worked with a small team to develop the content strategy, user flow, and early wireframes. Hi-fidelity wireframes were put through several rounds of user testing until proof of concept—a valuable dimension of brand interaction and conversation not possible with the broadcast experience alone—was verified. Before moving into visual design, my team worked closely with developers to define a flexible set of custom template builds that would support our visual story telling.

By necessity, visual design of the content templates was executed with placeholder content before the taping of the Fashion Show. My team had 4 days between the taping of the Show on Nov. 30 and the CBS broadcast on Dec. 5, to cull the visual selects from thousands of photo and video coverage. Visual content was styled, input into the templates, and then ordered to create a unique and rich story for each runway theme in the second screen experience.

In collaboration with Victoria's Secret DX team